Are you a rock and metal fans and need some fresh date night ideas that don't make you feel like a poser or a sellout? We've got some ideas for you!

Metalheads have a rebellious spirit by nature. We have never been the type to follow traditions or meet societal standards, which is why most of us balk at the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day among the “normies'' at fancy restaurants or watching cheesy rom coms on the Hallmark channel.

While everyone scrambles to make reservations at the same cookie-cutter upscale eateries or crams into a movie theater to eat overpriced popcorn and watch a film that will be available to stream in three weeks, we have come up with a list of exciting, badass and creative ideas just for metalheads, freaks, and goths alike! Whether you are a couple of travel bugs looking for your next adventure or are a pair of homebodies on a budget, we’ve got you covered!

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