As a nation we have always loved the idea of the cute and fluffy bunny rabbit. We've laughed as Bugs Bunny outsmarted Elmer Fudd every Saturday Morning. We love it when the Easter Bunny leaves us a basket of goodies on Easter Sunday. Now we have new evidence that bunnies are really a bunch of d!#ks! Watch the video if you don't believe me!

As a former rabbit owner I know exactly how "picky" rabbits can be and their bee bee shaped turds that you might think is a left over piece of chocolate laying on the floor. I present to you the evidence that disproves our angelic theory of the four-legged keychains.


So I beg you don't be fooled by the holiday lovable images of the Easter Bunny and no matter how many  times Bugs drops an anvil on Mr. Fudd these bucktoothed spawns of Satan must be stopped.

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