There's a little something for everyone at South By Southwest and this year's major music event is getting closer every day. The music portion of South By Southwest runs March 17-22 and a majority of the lineup is locked in. So who will be worth checking out if you're a metal fan. Take a look at our guide below to see which metal bands are playing where and when.

Among the name acts in this year's lineup is Veil of Maya. All eyes will be on the Chicago rockers during their early morning March 19 set at the Dirty Dog Bar in Austin, Texas, as the group has undergone a major lineup change. The band split with frontman Brandon Butler after last summer's Mayhem Festival and has been attempting to finish up a new disc with Arms of Empire frontman Lukas Magyar taking over on vocals.

There's lot of buzz for early teen rockers Unlocking the Truth. The Brooklyn-based trio started turning heads before reaching their teenage years, showing an affinity for all things metal. They've opened for Motorhead and Guns N' Roses, rocked out onstage with Marilyn Manson and all before reaching the age where they can drive. They'll be releasing their first major album this year.

You'll also find death metal favorite Allegaeon taking over the Dirty Dog Bar stage on March 18 at 10:15PM, showcasing some of the music from their 2014 release Elements of the Infinite, including such tracks as "1.618" and "Our Cosmic Casket."

Meanwhile, Canada's Cancer Bats are heading south (by southwest) to Austin to join this year's festivities. The timing is perfect as the group is preparing to drop their new Searching for Zero disc on March 10.

You'll also find such acts as Byzantine, Fallujah, KEN mode, Weedeater and The Skull taking over the stages of Austin during South By Southwest, while The Well and Elder are giving fans multiple chances to catch them live. Check out our metal guide to South By Southwest listed below. And to see what the schedule is for bands in other genres, keep up to date on the lineup here.

Metal Guide to South By Southwest 2015

3/17 -- Venomous Maximus -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 9PM
3/17 -- Unlocking the Truth -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 10PM
3/17 -- Dead Earth Politics -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 11PM
3/18 -- My Ticket Home -- Karma Lounge -- 12AM
3/18 -- The Well -- Karma Lounge -- 1AM
3/18 -- Ditch Witch -- Hotel Vegas Patio -- 8PM
3/18 -- Excessum -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 8PM
3/18 -- Archspire -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 8:45 PM
3/18 -- Tear Dungeon -- Hotel Vegas Patio -- 9PM
3/18 -- Victim Mentality -- Karma Lounge -- 9PM
3/18 -- Elder -- The Dirty Dog Bar -- 9:30 PM
3/18 -- Allegaeon -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 10:15PM
3/18 -- Byzantine -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 11PM
3/18 -- Fallujah -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 11:55PM
3/19 -- Veil of Maya -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 12:50AM
3/19 -- Moon Tooth -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 7:30PM
3/19 -- MANTAR -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 8:20 PM
3/19 -- Full of Hell -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 9:10PM
3/19 -- KEN mode -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 10PM
3/19 -- Cancer Bats -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 11:40 PM
3/20 -- Victim Mentality -- The Majestic -- 12AM
3/20 -- Weedeater -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 1AM
3/20 -- King Parrot -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 12AM
3/20 -- Castle -- The North Door -- 9PM
3/20 -- The Skull -- Dirty Dog Bar -- 9PM
3/20 -- Elder -- The North Door -- 11PM
3/21 -- The Well -- Holy Mountain Backyard -- 9PM
3/21 -- Massive Scar Era -- 720 Club Patio -- 1A

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