There is an abundance of horror slasher flicks out there for us to enjoy this time of year, but that list gets a giant cut when kids are around. Here are the top 5 kids movies for Halloween.

Before we hop into the bones of this article, know this... These are kids movies that most adults can enjoy at the same time. I'm talking Hubie Halloween type movies, which was pretty epic. Stupid? Absolutely... but the call-backs to other Sandler flicks were amazing. The goal isn't to scare kids, merely entertain them for a few hours on 'All Hallows Eve.'


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    Disney makes their first appearance on the list with 1998's straight-to-cable movie 'Halloweentown.' The quasi coming-of-age story of witches, but bearable to watch as an adult.

    The movie plays out almost as a scavenger hunt on screen, and you know the good guy always wins.

    It's a good choice for the young kids as nothings really jumps out there as too scary.

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    It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

    I don't know a single person that hasn't seen this movie. Everybody has a favorite part of it too... the overwhelming majority agrees it's Snoopy's dog-fight with the Red Baron.

    It was made for TV, so it should be there over the next few weeks, and kids love it! If you've gotten rid of cable like 90% of America, it's also easy to find it streaming.

    It's especially perfect for the smaller kids. Being only 25 minutes long, it'll hold their attention through most of it.

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    A Nightmare Before Christmas

    Basically, if the 'King of Halloween Town' gets bored with Halloween... Gets a taste of the action in 'Christmas Town' and proceeds to turn things a little more x-massy festive at home. Hilarity ensues.

    In terms of 'scary movies,' Tim Burton created the only movie on this list that keeps my nephews attention from start to finish.

    A lot of people don't realize, it wasn't just Tim Burton's creation though... Disney had a giant hand in the pot. Only Disney thought it was too scary for kids in '93, so they removed their logo from it until they realized it was a classic Halloween smash.

    Pro-Tip: If you have a 3D capable TV, buy the 3D Blu-Ray edition... It jumps off the screen beautifully.

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    Hocus Pocus

    Disney makes their final appearance on this list with their instant classic 'Hocus Pocus.'

    I'll admit, this is one of my favorite Halloween movies of all time. I was about 10 years old when my parents took us to the movies to see it. Still today, it holds up as one of the best spooky comedies Hollywood ever put out.

    Luckily, this is another movie you'll easily find on cable to DVR it.

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    Harry Potter - Parts 1-8

    I know, you're saying to yourself 'Harry Potter isn't about Halloween.' and you're right... but it's witches and warlocks, good vs evil, magic and beastly treasures.

    The best part is, there is a Harry Potter movie appropriate for every age range of kids. That what makes it number one on the list.

    The young ones start out with the first movies, the older kids get the later films. Each one is perfectly written and directed for maximum entertainment value for kids.

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