Welcome to Albany, Texas. A small town just Northeast of Abilene, in the heart of prime rattler country. Even as the days get longer and warmer, nights and average temps are still cool enough to keep these cold-blooded danger-noodles in their winter dens. When the opportunity presents itself, they'll hop under a house for shelter because it's just so dang easy and protected.

This isn't even a rarity. The company that removed these critters said in an interview that they removed eighty-eight rattlesnakes from a single house once, and on average, they complete a removal of 2000 snakes each year. As we continue to get warmer over the next few weeks, these and other venomous nope-ropes will be getting out and about to soak up the sun, mate, and live their lives. While seeing these creatures in a city setting is rare, it's not unheard of. It'd be a good time to start checking around the house, especially if you have a crawl space, elevated shed on timber, piled up junk or firewood etc...

Here's the video the removal company posted to their facebook if you want to see exactly how most of this went down.

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