First and foremost, understand, as we get older, the movies of our youth tend to seem better. That's only because we haven't watched them in so long, and forget how truly awful they were. For instance, I defended Howard The Duck for years as a good movie, until a friend made me re-watch it. It was terrible.

Now I've spent all Summer going through all of those classic movies I was so fond of, and here are the only movies that held up over time.

These are movies you need to share with your kids in the last few nights of Summer break.


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    The Million Dollar Duck

    As the biggest throwback on the list, The Million Dollar Duck is the humble story of a man who radiates a duck that eventually lays golden eggs. Literally. Of course there are evil G-Men that want to take it away, hilarity and action ensues, plus there are some sweet 60's dune buggies.

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    The Princess Bride

    Don't tell me you've never seen The Princess Bride... It was such a good movie, I can remember teachers showing it in class back when you could pop into a Blockbuster and rent a VHS.

    I won't waste my keystrokes telling you about this flick because you should already know. If you don't, sit your kids down, put the phones down, and just watch it unfold.

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    Monster Squad

    Monster Squad is a classic kid-friendly tale of a bunch of kids vanquishing monsters. From how Frankenstein was the good guy, Dracula was the embodiment of evil, and how the Wolfman has nards.

    It's not scary, but it has it's jumpy moments. Definitely a mandatory movie for kids.

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    Harry & The Hendersons

    Who doesn't love a good Bigfoot tale?

    Imagine a camping trip where you came home with your own Pacific Northwest folklore, and in turn, it turns out to be more than a monster. It turns out to be the worlds most awesome upright dog!

    While John Lithgow may have been the villain in most of his 80's movies, he turns out the hero in this one. Hilarious, heartwarming, and way better than Homeward Bound.

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    Ernest Goes To Camp

    While he may have gotten a really bad rap over the years... mostly due to countless terrible movie adaptations and TV specials... it's the original motion picture that should define a great character like Ernest P. Worrell.

    It's just the classic zero-to-hero shenanigans of the fun-loving and caring handy-man of Camp Kikakee. With everything from chemical warfare, troubled teens needing an influence, learning courage, and paratrooper turtles! Granted, it's pretty off the wall. Not too much, just enough to make it a wildly hilarious movie your kids will enjoy.

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