As we've passed the one year mark of Covid-19 being the scourge of this country, I think it's fair to say we've all known for a while that it's not "IF" we'll all eventually have this virus, but "when." Every day, more and more people seem to be catching their own positive test results, and it's a bummer. Especially those who aren't physically equipped to fight and overcome it. I know Covid-19 is a touchy subject, and I've certainly shared my opinions about it over the year, but it's now starting to really hit home here in Lawton.

Let me reiterate something I've said before. Coronavirus is something that we've never seen before as a species. Sure, there have been pandemics in the past on a much larger scale, but never before have we had a media like we do today. Similarly, we've never had such a big disconnect from that media either. People used to read the paper and find pretty straight forward objective reporting. Today, news medias across the industry really only attract people to watch when there's significant weather. All the news they share has probably been read hours or even days ago online. The forecast is often so wrong because it changes so much throughout a single day. But when severe weather strikes, it's the first place people flock to for information. So, since tragedy always sells, in order to boost ratings and revenue, news medias have focused 100% of their covid reporting on the +/-2% of cases that result in fatality. On the flip side, people who deny rona focus entirely on the +/-98% of cases that resolve in survival. It's a weird day in age.

That all being said, when Covid-19 popped up in the staff at the 67th and Cache Road Country Mart, they decided to address themselves and take the media completely out of the equation, and the people are praising them for it.

Most businesses... cough cough walmartarget cough cough... would just go on about their every day business. "There's no need to inform the shoppers about the virus spreading inside the store" is probably the route they elected to take at the last corporate retreat to St. Barts. It really takes character from on high to willingly share what could end up being damaging information out of care for the consumer. I think Country Mart really deserves kudos for that.

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