As we roll into our July 4th holiday with a hot forecast and heat advisory, it's important to make and keep a hydration plan for your celebration. If you skimp on the water, you'll be in for a miserable time.


Sure, knocking back some cold ones is ridiculously refreshing when the heat index is well over 100°, but so many people count on a bottle of suds for their hydration.


By all means, enjoy your beer and cocktails, just don't forget to mix in a little water from time to time, or better yet, every other drink.

Hot and dry conditions will wick the moisture right out of you, even if you're in the water, and without replenishing it, you're in for a bad day. You'll also need electrolytes to go along with that water too, but if you're drinking beer, you're getting them.

Cold water risks.


Like it does every summer, social media posts are circulating about "cold water shock."

This is what happens to the human body when we're really hot and chug a cold beverage. It can be water, beer, cocktails, juice, etc... It's the mix of a hot body temp and a suddenly cooled core that can send your body into shock, making you have cramps, sore muscles, nausea, or something worse.

It's on the same scale as mowing the grass in the heat and then jumping into an ice bath.

Having a good balance of liquids is key to enjoying the evening after a long and hot day. Water is the foundation of life, you can't go without it... but you can also enjoy a carby, salty beer too and still remain hydrated and balanced throughout the day in moderation.

Have fun this Fourth, don't blow a finger off.

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