As recovery gets underway, the full extent of earthquake damage is being assessed in Cushing. While it's not fun to watch, it is mildly interesting. Likening to the old fabled train wreck... How we don't want to see the aftermath, but can't look away.

This event, officially a 5.0 magnitude earthquake, has restarted the debates about fracking and water injection wells. While in the last few years, efforts have been pushed to reduce the instance and rate at which these well sites operate. Some studies even suggest that in areas around Oklahoma where injection activities have eased, the tectonic activity has done the same. Still, there is no easy solution to the problems we face.

Some say we should just stop injection wells, but that directly affects the recovering oil industry. Experts have even put forth ideas to build massive holding ponds for gray water, allowing it to slowly evaporate leaving behind something we can recycle... but the sheer volume of land needed to keep up with production is too staggering even at our reduced oil activities.

Guess they'll have to go back to the drawing board. There is a solution out there, we just have to find it.