In the world of media production, when we have an idea for a client or specific project, we make what is called a "spec" or speculative version to attract buyers. Think of it like a test drive before someone convinces you to buy a car. The reason that information is important right this minute is because of this news...

There is an LA-based Hollywood director currently looking to cast - AKA - recruit a few Southwest Oklahoma race car drivers so he can shoot a speculative commercial/documentary preview for a project he's hoping to green-light I assume on the culture that is the average small-town speedway.

The director man with the plan is a Lawton native named Samuel McKnight. He's from here. As Lawton has one of the best speedway cultures in the region, why would he not ask for area racers to be part of this project?

There has to be a catch right? I can't tell you if there is or not. As far as I can tell, Samuel is just a creative dude looking to start a new project. If you want to judge him off his past work, it's hard to deny he has some serious talent. Check out his commercial portfolio reel below... Focused, properly lit, smooth transitions, beautiful camera work... It all adds up to be a legit chance to have your skills as a racer captured and preserved on the internet for the remainder of human history.

Commercial Reel from Samuel Mcknight on Vimeo.

If you want to get involved, as per his Facebook post, shoot him an email to with your information and questions. Also, check out their official website  Who knows, you may just be the next action star, or at least live out your Steve McQueen dreams for a few hours.

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