Support Group For Overly Woke Millennials
A seriously funny poke-fun-at the overly woke Millennials and their warped view of the world. Hope it doesn't hurt their feels! Sadly this is meant as a joke and yet I've actually met a few of these "woke" people and they couldn't be any more annoying.
A Really Awkward Game of D&D
This video takes a really awkward, if not dark turn. It's hilarious, brilliant and I'm almost ashamed at laughing! A group introduces D&D to their friend and he's all set to play his very first game.
Guy Builds Drone to Carry Him Over Lakes to Fish!
It's one small step for man, one giant leap for fishermen! A guy in Australia built a drone to carry him over lakes so he could fish, BRILLIANT! This drone is big enough to carry him, his fishing tackle, poles and of course a cold beer. He even has a cup holder!
Rhino Attacks and Flips Zookeeper's Car!
Let's go on safari, it'll be fun they said...Whatever this rhino is pissed off about the car and zookeeper got the worst of it! I guess it hates small hatchbacks, maybe the fact that it's painted to look like a zebra or thought here's my chance at 15 minutes of internet fame.
The Joker Final Movie Trailer
While the rest of the world is talking about Spiderman and his possible disappearance from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) I'm just waiting on The Joker!

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