This Old Dude Rocking Metallica is All of Us in 30 Years
You know how your parents react and jam out to classics and oldies when they're driving down the road? That's going to be all of us at some point. But instead of breaking the rules and creasing your slacks because Elvis or The Beatles bring that restless leg syndrome out in you, it'll be neck woes d…
Honest Trailers Parodies Every Streaming Service
It's another epic and hilariously demented Honest Trailer from YouTube channel Screen Junkies. This time around they poke fun at all the streaming services, it's beyond laughable, accurate and will have you wondering, "Why do I subscribe to this and how do I cancel it?"
Taft Grocery Rumored To Be Reopening Soon!
Now before anyone gets too excited keep in mind at this time it's only rumors. With that being said we've heard it several times over the weekend and from different people that Taft Grocery has been bought and will be reopening sometime soon. If you've been in Lawton awhile or grew up…
The Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge Is The Perfect Day-cation Ge
This past weekend the family and I where looking for something to do so we decided to take a little trip to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. It's been awhile since we've been out there, plus the weather was perfect for a quick hike and picnic. Before we hit the road we checked the Tr…

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