David and I added to our family this weekend. We adopted the sweetest male blue heeler EVER!

I had been invited to take photos at the Animal Welfare City of Lawton on Wednesday of last week. One by one they were brought into the room and one by one I fell in love. The first baby was a little difficult to photograph but we got some good photos of it. After I was finished taking photos the volunteer left the room to get the second dog. I sat in the room, anxious and nervous to see the next dog. That's when she brought in the prettiest blue heeler I had seen. I knew the moment I laid eyes on him that David would really like him. I was told I couldn't share any of the photos that I had taken that day. The shelter would take care of that, but I begged the volunteer to allow me to share just one photo of this beautiful dog with my husband. She reluctantly agreed and I knew the moment David saw him he would want him.

I don't know how this dog came to be at the shelter but his paperwork said he was a "stray". It is very hard for me to believe that he was just dumped somewhere. He had the markings of where a collar once was. Who would dump this beautiful boy out on the streets?

This is how our texting went:

Me: Look! I want him!


Male, possibly 1 year old. Sweet sweet baby!
Look at him babe! He will be fixed and everything!
He was uber sweet!

David: Think Rowdy would get along?
Did he act smart?
Can you get me copenhagen...(oh never mind on that one haha)

Me: Not sure about Rowdy

David: Up to you...
Did you adopt him?

Me: Not yet he needs fixed first.

So when I finally got home we discussed it and decided to go ahead and adopt him. David thought he would be a good companion to our dog Rowdy. As we were driving into town on Saturday to adopt him we were trying to come up with names. My sister Vicky had suggested Franklin and when I told David he thought I said Wrangler. (And he doesn't think he has a hearing problem.) He thought it was too long and said what about "Turbo" or "Diesel". As soon as he said the name Diesel I knew that was it.

We arrived at the shelter a little after ten and it was already crowded! Diesel was waiting for us in his kennel with a "cone of shame" around his head! The shelter volunteer told us he had been licking his stitches. He was micro-chipped and handed over to us with a big bag of paperwork. The shelter suggested we take him to our vet as soon as we could because there was a strong case of kennel cough going around. We drove to Southwestern Vet Clinic immediately where Dr. Trace Kirkpatrick gave him a thorough exam and some antibiotics for his cough.

We brought him home, showed him around and I seriously think this little guy thought he had won the doggie lottery. He and Rowdy are getting along great and he's getting accustomed to the quiet of our place. He is doing really well.


Please, if you are going to add to your family, consider adopting from your local shelter. Here is a link to the Animal Welfare City of Lawton Facebook page. I know that they wouldn't mind if we put them out of business. We NEED to become more responsible pet owners. If you don't think you can make a LIFETIME commitment to one of these animals then consider fostering. The Humane Society is always looking for foster families. If you are a person that moves a lot, or maybe you are a soldier family that won't be in the area very long. Fostering is a great way to have a fur baby in your life without the lifetime commitment.

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