Oh boy! A new song from A Perfect Circle has officially made its live debut! Thanks to some fan-shot footage (shhh… don’t tell Maynard) you can listen to the whole track right now!

We haven’t gotten a new album from APC in 13 years and there hasn’t been a fresh song from the hard rock titans since “By and Down” was suddenly revealed in late 2013. This new A Perfect Circle track, titled “Feathers,” sounds absolutely gorgeous and can only signal great things to come from the band.

Maynard James Keenan delivers his trademark vocal warmth throughout “Feathers,” taking hardcore and casual fans alike to a heavenly realm. Billy Howerdel and James Iha’s guitar parts ring true to the A Perfect Circle that dominated the 2000s, feeling light and emotional while carrying a devastating weight. The newest members of A Perfect Circle, bassist Matt McJunkins and drummer Jeff Friedl, who both collaborate with Keenan in Puscifer, hold down the rhythm section brilliantly, keeping “Feathers” moving forward while allowing for lengthy breaks so Maynard can really soar.

A Perfect Circle made it official a couple of weeks ago that their as-yet-untitled fourth studio album will indeed see a 2017 release date. “We just signed a new record deal with BMG! Looking forward to sharing new music with you soon. New APC-2017!” Howerdel announced.

A Perfect Circle are currently touring the U.S., so make sure you check out those tour dates. Enjoy “Feathers” in the player above!

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