Love was most certainly not in the air during a recent high school basketball game up in Oklahoma.

A fight broke out involving fans and players alike toward the end of a playoff game between Calvin and Leflore last week. Calvin was leading 66-36 when fans starting running onto the court in response to an on-court incident.

Calvin superintendent Travis Graham gave the Pauls Valley Daily Democrat the scoop on the altercation:

With approximately 5:15 left in the fourth quarter, Calvin was leading 66-36. LeFlore fans began accessing the court in response to an on-court incident. At that time, Calvin administrators and coaches attempted to get the fans back in the bleachers while also trying to get the athletes away from the opposing team and fans.

Here’s my thing. I can totally understand tempers flaring – especially when your team is getting beaten badly. There are players out there that love to kick other players when they’re down with a little trash talk and that can be hard to take with emotions coming into play.

I can also understand players getting into an altercation when they feel like they’ve been disrespected. It doesn’t make it right, but they’re human, therefore they’re far from perfect.

The part I can’t understand is spectators getting involved. Sure, it pisses me off when a player on an opposing team is taunting my team, but there’s no excuse for fans getting involved in a dispute between players.

In fact, it could land you in jail. The article did say law enforcement on the scene helped de-escalate the situation, but it didn’t say whether or not any arrests were made.

Both schools and the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association are expected to investigate the incident.

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