Only so many scholarships to go around. A former walk on has put in the work to earn himself a scholarship at Oklahoma State University.

We all need more positivity in our lives right now and these videos always put a smile on my face. The scholarships that go to the walk on players at any university. The coaching staff and teammates see the work that you put in over the years to earn yourself a scholarship. Dee Mitchell has been a walk on for the Cowboys since 2019.

This past weekend, while working his shift at Walmart, his coach and teammates surprised him with the good news. “I thought today was a good opportunity to let him know that he's going to be on scholarship,” Coach Boynton said in a video the university posted on social media. "Nobody has exemplified what I want our program to mean more than you have.”

Dee works 40 hours a week at Walmart, on top of going to school and basketball practice. "I didn't know what was going on, it's real surprising, breathtaking. I thought I was in a movie or something,” Dee said.  It does look like something out of a movie. Congrats to Dee on getting the scholarship. Hopefully that takes some stress out of his life.

I'm sure working at Walmart, with school, and basketball is a stressful life. Maybe he can cut back on a couple of those hours at Walmart. At least during basketball season.

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