As it turns out, when you take the monologue from the worlds greatest mob movie and lay it over one of the worlds most beloved tv shows, magic happens.

Every year, it seems that some television executive decides to revive an old, once popular show from a decade or two ago. They do the same with movies. While they aren't all golden gems, they aren't all duds that die on the cutting room floor.

Why hasn't anyone decided to revive The Wonder Years? It only ran for five seasons, and it's still one of the highest rated sitcoms in US history!

Here's your answer... Remember when tv tried to revive Boy Meets World? Yeah. That's why. Nobody wants to risk what they built in making a new cash cow. But here's the work around...

Nobody changes the scripts. They recast everyone, but with a bunch of nobodies like they did originally. They shoot each episode similarly to the original. Boom. An instant five seasons of HD 80's gloriousness. But that looming question is still, can they recreate the magic? After 30 years, I think it's safe enough to take a shot in the dark at it. Bring back some of the great show of yesteryear.

The Wonder Years, Coach, MASH, etc... All redone with todays tech and yesterdays scripts, and leaving every bit of the millennial BS out of it. Getting away from political correctiveness, and getting back to focus on real story-telling. No punch lines, no gags, just stories. Those, as we've seen, are the ones that stand the test of time.


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