It's almost always a rare and random occasion when Oklahoma gets a little peek into mainstream pop culture.

Sure, there are the classics that we know-- The Grapes of Wrath, Twister, Far and Away, but the Sooner State has had quite the pop culture renaissance the last couple of years.

Hell and High Water, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Reservation Dogs, Tulsa King, Killers of the Flower Moon... Politics aside, Oklahoma is becoming a friend to Hollywood thanks to the massive tax incentives. And while it wasn't called out by name, the creators of Amazon's latest video-game-based hit gave a little nod to "Flyover Territory" near the end of season one.

Even if you have zero interest in video games, Fallout has taken a very surprisingly swift ascension to earn top ratings in its opening week. No shocker, Millennials and Zoomers who are familiar with the game were hooked instantly, but the popularity is far beyond America's young adults. Gen-X and Boomers are toting the Vaultech flag too, if only for this short series.

It just goes to show that great writing and good acting can draw any person the the collective audience.

***Potential Spoilers Ahead***

In an episode closer to the end of the first season, we get a sneak peek into a part of the origin story that will set up future seasons of the show. It's a scene where the heads of these massive companies responsible for the post-apocalyptic world discuss plans before they happen.

While in conversation, a map illuminated behind the show series' main company Vaultech, and low and behold, there are two vault locations in Oklahoma.

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

While OKC and Tulsa are major population centers in our own state, they aren't considered "big" population-wise by most standards, but the show didn't forget Middle America at all. Look at all of the vault location dots throughout the Great Plains.

While season two of Fallout looks to move onward to Vegas, fans are already Googling "When does Fallout season two premiere?"

As good as season one was, any wait is far too long for what could be a great series.

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