Last year Netflix released their first original Adam Sandler movie, The Ridiculous Six. Like all Adam Sandler movies, critics hated it (it’s currently 0% on Rotten Tomatoes), but according to Netflix it was their most-streamed movie in the first 30 days of all-time. That’s a weirdly specific metric to judge success, but because Netflix isn’t very forthcoming about viewing numbers, it’s the best we’re going to get. While Sandler’s goofball comedies seem to be declining in viewership (he’s at Netflix because no studios wanted to pay to make his movies any longer), he’s already got a new one on the way to Netflix in May and you can watch the trailer now.

Titled The Do Over, this new action-comedy stars Sandler and David Spade as two old friends decide to fake their own deaths to take off on an adventure. Soon they realize the guys whose identities they’ve stolen are in even bigger trouble than they ever were. In addition to the old SNL pals, the film stars Paula Patton, Nick Swardson, Luis Guzman and Sandler’s nephew, Jared Sandler, because sure why not.

There’s not much in the way of footage in this new trailer aside from girls in bikinis, crashing cars, a bare ass, people screaming and gun shots, but it definitely seems more action heavy than most of Sandler’s films, Pixels notwithstanding.

The Do Over is the second of Sandler’s four-picture deal with Netflix he signed back in 2014. That means we’ve still got two more of these things to go.

If you absolutely must, The Do Over streams worldwide on Netflix on May 27.

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