In mid-November, it was reported that the death of All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert was being investigated by local police as "suspicious." While the investigation is ongoing, the Hartford Courant reports that Oli Herbert's will was signed at a car dealership one week prior to his death, leaving his widow, Elizabeth Herbert, as the sole executor of his estate.

On Oct. 9, the couple entered the Valenti Hartford car dealership to have the will notarized, though it has been reported that no attorney signature is present on the will. Alexander Mandel, one of three witnesses who signed the document, stated, "I didn’t even know who they were. I was told, I think, he was a rock star or something."

The will is also said to indicate that Oli's sister, Cynthia Herbert, shall not become sole executor or receive anything from the state under any circumstances.

The Hartford Courant reports that State Police Eastern District Crime Squad has obtained the 11-page will, which also references Oli Herbert's life insurance policy, of which Elizabeth is the sole beneficiary.

Last week, Elizabeth issued a statement, detailing four trespassers at the Stafford Springs, Conn. home she and Oli shared. She warned all future trespassers that authorities would be contacted and charges would be pressed for any further instances.

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