Most bands have that one song in their catalog -- the one that often gets requested but remains unperformed live for one reason or another. During the shooting of their Live At the Royal Albert Hall Featuring the Parallax Orchestra concert release, Alter Bridge took care of the song that's been hanging over them for several years, playing "Words Darker Than Their Wings" for an audience for the first time.

The track is one of the few in the band's catalog that features vocals by both singer Myles Kennedy and guitarist Mark Tremonti and as such has become an oft-requested song. As seen in the video above, Kennedy reveals a bit of the history of the song before they play it live for the first time.

"We've got a special treat for y'all," says Kennedy ahead of the performance. "There's a song we've had in our catalog for ... seven years, it's been around for seven years and we recorded it on AB III and fans have been asking for it for a long, long time."

“’Words Darker Than Their Wings’ was a song that we never played before ever and it has been one of our favorites, especially me and Scott Phillips. That’s been one of our top three Alter Bridge songs since we wrote it and its just one of those songs that we have been trying and trying and trying to play live and Myles is always kind of pushing back about it and finally, you know with this orchestra he [Myles] said this is the perfect time to do it. We did and it was the biggest reaction of both nights,” explains Mark Tremonti in the full-length movie of the concert.

The song is featured on the Live at Royal Albert Hall set, which was recorded in the fall of 2017. The collection, due Sept. 7 via Napalm Records, is available for pre-order here and via their website.

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