Each year during the month of February, AMBUCS members all across the nation begin focusing on ways to promote their organization and let the world know just how meaningful its mission is. Chapters work to garner media attention through charitible events and fundraisers.

The Mountain Metro AMBUCS holds the Amtryke races every year in the Dillard's court at Central Mall. I've only missed a couple years in the 9 years that I've worked in radio. It is a fun way to get together with some of the other media personnel in Lawton and race against them. It may look easy to pedal those tricycles but it's not. I won my first race only because James steered into the other opponent and they got stuck. My second heat was horrible, I hit the wall.

Some contenders take this race very seriously. I won't name any names but I think Hammer Head Hanson should have been called Hothead Hanson. She was definitely out to win.

If you are interested in joining any of the AMBUCS groups here in Lawton there are 3 adult and 1 junior; Mountain Metro AMBUCS (all women), Lawton Area AMBUCS (all men) and Great Plains AMBUCS (co-ed), there is also a Junior AMBUCS chapter in Lawton.

The goal of AMBUCS is to create mobility and independence for people with disabilities.

The AMBUCS mission is fulfilled by members of local chapters who:

  • Perform Community Service
  • Provide AmTryke therapeutic tricycles to people with disabilities, and
  • Provide scholarships to therapists

Many AMBUCS members consider the organization a fun way to serve in their community.

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