The last time we talked about the warnings from a so-called "Time Traveler" in Oklahoma, my inbox filled up with all sorts of curiously hilarious responses.

Everything from how it had to be BS since I didn't take the time to site my sources... of time travel... to how time traveling is a mark of the beast, and by talking about it and sharing it with the world, I'm somehow promoting the worship of satan...

That last one scored a solid 9.6 on my weirds**tometer.


Not one to cower just when I feel I'm hitting my stride, let's double down with another future fact from our favorite time traveler.

Texas will secede from the United States on May 27, 2024, kickstarting the next American Civil War.

That's not all.

Much like what happened the last time around, the states will divide and Oklahoma will have to choose a side... not like we're all aware of which way the Sooner State would sway.


The only difference this time around is that instead of Southern grey uniforms, Texans will be dressed to the hilt in palm leaf hats, skinny jeans, and designer exotic leather boots.

As Texas has the largest gun-owning population in the country, both totally and per capita, the alphabet boys (FBI, CIA, ATF, etc...) might have to double up on their level-III plates.

Also, instead of horse-drawn artillery, I imagine Texans will drag whatever ordinance they have around with those fancy pavement-princess lifted trucks. You know, the kind on 22" wheels and mud tires that have likely never even seen a gravel road.

Mason Rowe
Mason Rowe, Facebook

As states pick a side and join in the fight, fueled by Zyn upper-decky's and energy drinks, this Texas-US Civil War will be the downfall of our Union.

Following the footsteps of history, other countries will eventually get involved in our little spat and the nukes will fly, leaving the USA in shambles.

As if that isn't a bad enough telling of future events, it gets even worse overseas. Without the American taxpayer at work, Europe will be forced into supporting Ukraine.

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There are more predictions in the source material from this time traveler, but by the time you get to aliens in a literal Independence Day situation, it seems a little far-fetched.

See for yourself.


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