First off, you don't get a spoiler alert... It's been 34 years, deal with it.

With all the buzz surrounding Star Wars, and how it has made a triumphant return to the land of OK movies, Screen Junkies is here to bring everyone back to level on the history of a franchise that managed three good movies once. Return of the Jedi is not one of those great Star Wars movies. But the prequel trilogy of episodes one, two, and three were so bad, everyone kind of forgot how lame ROTJ was.

Let's just get this out there. Jedi was terrible. It was when it came out, and it remains to this day. Sure, when you were a kid and saw it, it was awesome. But at some point, you watch it again as an adult and end up skipping entire scenes to get to the few good parts. Mainly, the beginning at Jaba's and the final boss battle between Luke, Vader, and what's his face.

This 'honest trailer' seems to hit on every valid point. It falls into the same category as every Fast & Furious sequel... Made specifically to make money.

Luckily, George Lucas hasn't wasted all of his creativity making junk. A New Hope was awesome, Empire was legendary, and Disney's Rogue One was legit. The rest are basically the same movie, though The Force Awakens had epic moments if it weren't for the constant nostalgic callbacks.

We'll see how The Last Jedi lives up to the hype. Let's hope they haven't evolved yet another death star into an actual fiery star.

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