You could be unintentionally and unknowingly funding anti-gun causes and companies with your purchases and who you're doing business with. The CCRKBA (Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms) created a list of 200 businesses and corporations that are using the money you're spending with them to help fund gun control. You may be surprised even shocked at some of the names on this list, I know I was.


The companies on this list have aligned themselves with anti-gun groups, have extreme anti-gun policies and most have used portions of their profits to fund all kinds of gun control and anti-2A groups and policies.

This means if you're currently doing business with any of these corporations you're actually helping to fund gun control as well. Speaking for myself I refuse to assist in the destruction of our Constitutional rights.

Watch the video below to see the entire list of U.S. companies that are anti-2-A

It's not in my, or really anyone's best interest to continue to support these businesses if you believe in the Constitution and the right to keep and bear arms. Now I'm not telling you what to do or how and where to spend your money, but I'll do everything in my power to never spend a dime with these companies.


Some of the corporations and businesses on the list include AMC Theatres, Levi Strauss & Co, Geico, Burger King, Microsoft, Disney Company, AT&T, Uber, MTV, and more. To see the full list you can click here.

All of the companies listed or their corporate leaders support and push for further infringements on the right to keep and bear arms. What's strange is they're vehemently anti-gun but in most cases attempt to hide it.

If you're pro-2-A it isn't in your best interest to support any of these anti-gun businesses

Why? It's simple, gun owners have a choice with who and where they spend their hard-earned cash. To attempt to avoid boycotts and profit losses they attempt to covertly and quietly push their anti-gun agenda without your knowledge. They secretly assault the Second Amendment and hope you remain ignorant.


If most Americans supported gun control and it's as popular as some people think, then why hide it? Don't get me wrong some don't, but most do. Their convictions are easily swayed when it negatively impacts profits.

There's been a historic rise in gun sales recently and there are millions of new gun owners that have just recently purchased their first firearm. The percentage of Americans who own guns vs. those who don't is steadily climbing. It's close if not a little over half of the U.S. population at this time. So will these companies who seek to infringe on our rights be profitable when half their customer base abandons them? I doubt it.

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