When your plump puppy earns a treat, might as well make it a good one.

Now, don't hold the accuracy of all this against me, I literally stumbled across it on the facebooks. I'm just going to shoot through it and throw some wildly exaggerated guesses until I talk to this puppers best friend Alex.

Above is what we're going to assume is a pretty awesome murder-dog named FatFat.

FatFat has been on the road to a healthier lifestyle for an assumed amount of time.

FatFat has gotten to that 'cheat day' point in his new lifestyle, and has thus earned a little treat time for him/herself.

FatFat's friend/owner/master/bro Alex is a fan of Starbucks. Lawton has a drive through Starbucks. Upon getting a little caffeinated goodness today from Lawton's drive through Starbucks, one of two things happened.
1. Alex ordered a little whipped cream for his bestie FatFat...
2. That Starbucks barista is awesome enough to toss FatFat a cool one.

Either way, it's the whipped cream/chocolate lab/murder dog/cuteness overload you've been looking for on your first day back to work.


P.S. FatFat is an awesome dog name.

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