Saturday, April 27th was a wild day across Oklahoma. It was a day the weather professionals spent the entire previous week talking about, and as it grew closer, the true risks didn't become clear until it was upon us.

Big hail, flooding rains, and high winds were the forecast leading up to what the media is now calling the April 2024 Tornado Outbreak. By the time the sun rose on April 27th, that forecast changed to include a moderate chance of isolated tornadoes, which became elevated as the day wore on.

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Unlike tornado events in the past, there wasn't just one or two areas of the state at risk as these storms developed. It was dozens of storms on a line stretching from the middle of Texas all the way up through the corn fields of the Midwest. Oklahoma was just primed for serious widespread destruction.

On Sunday morning, the aftermath of widespread tornadoes have left their scars across the Sooner State.

While it will be several days until official damage ratings are presented, the internet is full of pictures and videos of the twisters and aftermath.

Odd and Unbelievable Tornado Facts

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