Mother Nature got Moody Yesterday in Comanche County
It was a crazy and unexpected storm yesterday evening in Comanche County. Mother Nature became moody and let loose with rain, high winds, tons of lighting and thunder, and even some hail. It's late in the season for this type of storm, but it's Oklahoma so anything can happen at any time w…
Weather Delay at Rocklahoma 2021
Well it was bound to happen sooner or latter. We're having a weather delay at Rocklahoma 2021. They've asked everyone to return to their campsites or vehicles until weather conditions improve. Hopefully it will be a short delay.
The Pros and Cons of Living in Oklahoma
If you're new to the state or considering moving to Oklahoma like most places there are pros and cons to living here. No matter where you live there are things you like and some things you dislike, that's normal. The thing is wherever you live, you'll bring yourself along.

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