Although Arcade Fire filmed a music video for 'Afterlife' during the YouTube Music Awards earlier this month, we found actress Greta Gerwig coping with her boyfriend leaving her by dancing around her apartment. However, the Montreal band just released a new video for the track that has a heavier undertone.

In this version, we see a family trying to stick together despite the fact that they lost the woman who kept the unit strong. From the father who sells flowers on the cars that pass by to his two sons who are trying to show they aren't saddened by the departure of their mother, it can be said that it depicts what a family can look like today.

We then see them drift off into their own worlds when they fall asleep. The father walks from a construction site and finds himself on a balcony with his wife. The youngest song is awoken by a nightmare where he is thrown into a dryer at the laundramat. After he runs to his dad who fell asleep on the couch, he then dreams of being in his mother's arms. Meanwhile, his older brother goes to a party and then goes in and out of dream sequences where he is also reunited with his mom.

Released by the Creators Project, the video is directed by Emily Kai Bock, who has also worked with Grizzly Bear, Grimes and HAERTS.

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