This story is worth a good laugh – but watch your volume.

A man from Long Island has received a pair of summonses for disturbing the peace. His crime? Laughing too loudly.

Robert Schiavelli, 42, had cops show up at his house last month after his neighbor complained he could hear Schiavelli yukking it up all the way from his home. It’s unclear what was causing Schiavelli to bust a gut (although you can be reasonably sure he was probably not watching an NBC comedy). The neighbor should just be grateful he doesn't live next to this fella.

Unfortunately, the judge assigned to the case doesn't see the humor in the situation, and has refused to throw out the laughable charges. Each summons comes with a potential $250 fine or 15 days in jail, which is no laughing matter.

Schiavelli, who battles seizures and other neurological problems, claims the neighbor often mocks him for his disability. If you ask us, his neighbor sounds like a real jerk.

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