Lucky attendees of Comic-Con 2016 got to see the full blood-spattered Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 2 premiere for themselves, but what of us at home? Stuck waiting for October, it seems, so check out an equally bloody new photo from the season, get ready for a major death, and a handsomely familiar returning foe.

Entertainment Weekly released a new photo of the famous Oldsmobile Delta 88 from Season 2, apparently from “an episode that’s basically around the Delta,” as well what Bruce Campbell notes as “perhaps the worst onscreen death in the history of all visual arts.” If anyone knows visual arts, it’s Campbell, who may once again contribute two of his own likeness to the visual arts with the aid of Evil Ash:

Well, he seems to pop up, that Evil Ash, he’s a tricky one. Ash always has internal struggles, let’s just say that.

Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 2 Photo Delta
Starz / EW

While we wait for October, check out the most recent Season 2 synopsis:

The second season roars back into action with Ash leaving his beloved Jacksonville and returning to his hometown of Elk Grove. There, he confronts Ruby. The former enemies have to form an uneasy alliance as Elk Grove soon becomes the nucleus of evil.

Elsewhere of Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 2, we know that Sam Raimi’s brother Ted will appear in the role of Ash’s childhood best friend Chet Kaminski, independent of the prior three appearances in other Evil Dead movies (which can all now be referenced). Lee Majors, meanwhile, will play the role of Brock Williams, Ash’s father.

You can check out the full Season 2 trailer below, as well as the red-band, but will Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 2 manage to top the first?

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