So after Tanika G from 1073 PopCrush told me about Atlanta on FX, I did the unthinkable and watched an episode. It's unthinkable because I have a crazy habit of waiting until a show is cancelled before getting into it. "Always late to the party" you could say. So I caught a specific episode of this show, and realized it's odd, weird, dark, and hilarious. They put fake commercials in the show just to troll advertisers and viewers alike. Plus, I guess it's one way to combat the DVR. Brilliant.

In the first video above, they take on one of the biggest travesties to hit America. Convenient stores charging more that $.99 for a can of Arizona. It's shenanigans of the highest order! The price is literally printed on the can! Add in their take on Swisher Sweets and the ultra-cool Dodge Charger, and I think Atlanta is taking a very radio approach to entertainment. Those little bits are pure gold and worth sitting through an episode.

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