The massive practical metropolis AT&T Stadium has hosted countless huge events over the years. Home of the Dallas Cowboys. College football bowl games. Professional wrestling, a Super Bowl, the Texas high school football championships, etc... but again in 2022, it'll be the home of the biggest Nerf gun battle in the world.

It all started back in 2016 when event organizer Jared Guynes decided to rent the stadium just to see how many people would turn up for an epic dart-blaster battle. As more than 4,000 people opted in, he set world history that day.

The tradition is continuing in 2022. On Sunday, December, 18th, AT&T Stadium once again becomes ground zero for the world's biggest Nerf battle.

If you'd like to be part of it, tickets to the battle are $32 and available here. If you'd rather go as a spectator, that's an option too. Tickets range from $16-$125 depending on how close you like to sit in the mostly-empty stadium.

All of the details are available on the event page, including rules and such, but it's an all-ages event your kids would remember for the rest of their lives. Have fun.

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