Attitude of Gratitude: You hear that phrase a bunch this time of year, as we get ever closer to Thanksgiving Day.  It is a season, after all, where we tend to take time to notice the great things that have happened to us and to be grateful for the people and things that are in our lives.

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I started the whole counting down the days in November with something that I'm grateful for every day, it lasted just a little over a week.  Not because I was no longer grateful, but because I got busy, and it got pushed to the back burner.  I'd rather try to live my life in an attitude of gratitude every day, not just in November.


These are words that you hear most often in the Month of November. Webster's Dictionary describes the word Thankful as conscious of the benefit received.  Otherwise stated we are conscious of the blessings that we are about to or have already received.

Grateful: appreciative of the benefits received.b: expressing gratitude. Not only are we conscious of the blessings, we appreciate them.

Blessed: bringing pleasure, contentment, or good fortune.  This is most likely the meaning of the November version of the word blessed.  Heavy on the good fortune.

Some of my co-workers make fun of me, because I feel things very strongly, especially around the holiday season.  I believe in being in a constant attitude of gratitude, not just at Thanksgiving, but all the year through. I believe the more you practice being appreciative of your blessings, the happier you are with what you have.

I hope that these words will become a part of your attitude for the remainder of 2022, and will carry you into the New Year.

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