As resident babe, allow me to first give you a little inside scoop on men's underwear: Most times, "funny" novelty drawers are not a good strategy.

Accidental first-date sex excluded (I forgive you, dude from a year ago who was wearing happy face boxers) you can usually tell a lot about a man by the type of underwear he chooses to wear.

Bane Underwear

On the one hand, if I were about to get down with an attractive gentleman and unzipped his pants to reveal these supervillain-themed underwear, I'd be a little thrown off; I don't make a habit of boning nerds.

I'll admit that it's an improvement over superhero-themed drawers, but it's still a bit of a turnoff. I like my sex sexy, not cutesy.

Don't get me wrong, though whatever you wear under your jeans is most times none of my business, and and vice versa. If you think Bane is rad, maybe you should buy these? Do you, bro.

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