The highly anticipated new Batman movie opened this past weekend, earning over $28,000,000 at the box office.  However, some moviegoers at one Texas theater were in for more than one show.

Last Friday night, management at the Cinepolis Movie House & Eatery in Austin, had to stop the show in the middle of the movie, because a real live bat was flying around during the 7 PM showing of the new Batman movie.  Apparently, one customer had smuggled a bat into the theater as a prank.

As soon as the theater’s management found out that a moviegoer had released a bat in one of their auditoriums, they immediately paused the movie, and contacted animal control.  Unfortunately, despite their best-efforts, animal control was unable to apprehend the bat who continued to fly around in the theater.

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While all of the customers were offered refunds, many opted to stay and watch two shows.  Not only did they get to see the new Batman movie, but moviegoers got to see animal control’s attempt to catch the bat.   When the theater resumed the movie, those that decided to stay were able to watch Batman with a real bat flying around the screen.

To prevent incidents like this from happening again the Cinepolis Movie House & Eatery will be adding more security measures, including checking customer’s bags upon entry.  Thankfully, no one was bit or contacted rabies during the incident.  At the time of this writing, it is still unknown who brought the bat into the movie theater, or how he even smuggled it in to begin with.

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