If you’re finally sick of collecting Funko Pops, this new Batman action figure may scratch your itch for inanimate objects. To celebrate the new Dark Nights: Death Metal comic series, Batman has been molded to shred on an insane metal guitar shaped like a scythe.

Musicians like Marilyn Manson, Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath and film composer Tyler Bates have collaborated on the soundtrack for Dark Nights: Death Metal, adding sonic weight to the bizarre and twisted Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo series. Five issues of Death Metal are currently out, with two more set for release in December and January, respectively.

As for Batman’s red axe, the action figure comes with a highly detailed demonic guitar. The headstock features a screaming hellspawn almost in the style of a cello. The body of the guitar looks to be depicted as pure metal, with bolts and pipes coming out of the body while a massive scythe bends dangerously close to Batman’s strumming arm.

“Your next Build-A Wave sneak peek is here!” McFarlane Toys writes. “Get ready to collect all Death Metal action figures to build The DARKFATHER! Coming to stores Spring 2021.”

“I don’t think he should kill,” Death Metal artist Greg Capullo recently told Loudwire. “If Batman ever were to kill, he would be the bloodiest of the bloody. He would be on a killing rampage that would never stop. He’d make the Punisher look like a pussy. Once he crossed that line, it’s over, and then he becomes exactly what he’s warring against.”

Get ready for Batman’s Death Metal action figure to hit stores in spring 2021 and click here to check out the Dark Nights: Death Metal series. [via PRP]

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