We have caught wind of some of the features that could possibly appear in Battlefield 4's upcoming Dragon's Teeth DLC.

MP1ST reports that members of the Battlefield community have found specific game files in Battlefield 4 that hint at the details of its upcoming Dragon's Teeth expansion. These Battlefield community users, named Hattiwatt1 and Wirrew, have previously leaked that Dragon's Teeth would be getting the Unica 6 autorevolver, the MPX machine gun, the CS5 sniper rifle, the Bulldog assault rifle, the Desert Eagle handgun and the Ballistic Shield (which DICE had previously announced was being introduced into Dragon's Teeth).

The same users have apparently discovered the map names of Dragon's Teeth along with its new, supposed game mode, "Chainlink." Possible names for Dragon's Teeth's four new maps are Propaganda, Sunken Dragon, Lumphini Garden and Pearl Market, with the latter two being actual locations in Beijing. Given Battlefield 4's story revolving around China, this makes these map names a bit more believable. Chainlink is rumored to be a Conquest-style mode that only rewards teams that are winning adjacent capture points, resulting in a different style of strategy. Stay tuned because DICE is going to be offering an official first look at Battlefield 4's Dragon's Teeth DLC sometime this week.