This isn't so much cool as it is ice cold.

Matt Thompson is the woodworking wizard who created this chair that dispenses beer down to the arm.

Thompson made the chair in the shape of Michigan (heck, he makes a lot of furniture in the shape of the state), but this piece is especially nifty because it's got that feature in which you simply pull a lever next to the chair that enables a can to come cascading down, delighting your eyes and quenching your thirst.

The chair can hold an entire six-pack cold for about eight hours, which, come on, you won't need to last that long if you're chugging brewskis while chilling out on your keester.

It's a feat of engineering that you've never had, but one that you won't be able to live without after seeing. Sadly, Thompson has no plans to sell it.

Drink up, everyone.

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