Normally, being drunk and tired impairs your motor skills (no driving in either case, please) and causes you to make questionable decisions (beer goggle hook ups or passing out in the middle of a Wendy’s) but boozing it up and skipping sleep can also boost your creativity. No joke.

Wired points out these states of being as they pertain to your grey matter. For analytical problem solving, your brain pays attention to the most important pieces of information and blocks out the useless and peripheral nuggets in order to focus and come to a decision without being hampered by too much sensory stimulation. Probably why so many cool drinking games are invented while people are drunk.

For creative problem solving, the brain requires less laser focus and can sift through more information in order to come to a decision. Hell, creative problem solving is much more fun, depending on your perspective, since balancing a check book is more of a chore than figuring out what to tell your girlfriend about how that other girl ended up in your bed, right?

“She was at Wendy’s and then I have no idea what happened after that– I swear!!!”

[Via Wired]

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