Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the super-sleuth Sherlock Holmes, was recently in a video for 'Sesame Street' with his arch-nemesis... Murray-arty?

So maybe Murray isn't the criminal mastermind and intellectual equal who always seems to test Sherlock, but he does provide Cumberbatch with a nice, easy problem to solve. After mistaking Cumberbatch for the real Sherlock Holmes multiple times, Murray turns the actor's attention to the table in front of him to view the apples and oranges that have been laid out in a row.

Murray's question is simple and he asks Cumberbatch if there are more apples or oranges on the table. Because he's only an actor and not a detective like the one he plays on television, Cumberbatch enlists the aid of the Count in order to total up the oranges and apples. After much ruminating and numerating, Cumberbatch decides that there are ultimately more apples than oranges on the table. Brilliant detective work indeed!

This cute skit on the children's educational program was uploaded to YouTube by PBS and features the hashtag #Counterbatch. Having British actors with huge fanbases on the show must be becoming a trend, because there was another video before that featured Tom Hiddleston and the Cookie Monster, hashtagged #TomNomNom. We don't know who's coming up with these zany hashtags for Sesame Street videos, but we tip our hats to them.

Watch the video of Cumberbatch counting above and the video of Hiddleston with the Cookie Monster here.

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