So you say it’s been really hard to find Mr. or Miss right these days?  We know it can be a challenge, especially when you are set in a solid routine of your social activities. We hear you and that’s why we’ve compiled our Top Five Best Places To Meet Singles In Lawton!


No matter what religious denomination you are affiliated with, there are ALWAYS quality singles at church.Some who may have been married before and know exactly what makes the dynamics of marriage work, and of course, what doesn’t. Also, many fantastic churches have singles programs that you can attend.

Dog Park

Sounds corny, but we have a few dog parks in Lawton  where adults take their dogs to play and it’s a great place to meet singles that are dog lovers too! I have taken my dog to the Dog park a few times and have seen plenty of singles letting their dogs play and mingling.

Grocery Store

You laugh at the thought of this one, but trust us, it’s extremely viable! Singles cruise the isles of the supermarket day and night. Most singles will shop at odd hours to avoid major traffic, but some do shop typical business hours. Don’t be afraid to make conversation over lettuce in the produce department or in the books and magazines section.


And if all else fails in your search for Mr or Miss Right then there is always the bar scene. Lawton has a lot of bars to choose from. If you like Irish Pubs, Lawton has one.. Rock bars, Lawton has one.. Country Bar, Lawton has one and if you are sick of the bar scene go back to 1 thru 4 !! LOL