You'll have to roll through your memory to answer this, but have you ever taken a drive through Oklahoma that was shockingly beautiful or just starkly different from your everyday commute?

Since I'm always on the road in the Sooner State, this happens to me quite a bit. Areas of the state that are so different from your everyday norm, it shocks you a little bit.

The last time this feeling of amazement hit me was cruising through the Chickasaw National Recreation Area - specifically the road to the visitor center there.

Chickasaw County Tourism/GoogleMaps
Chickasaw County Tourism/GoogleMaps

It was during a rainy May a few years ago. It looked exactly like the campsites at Yellowstone National Park with the lush greenery and trees extending over the narrow road. The creek that runs along the road is both frigid and a hue of azure blue. We were even treated to a fun little low-water crossing.

After so many years of living in Southwest Oklahoma, seeing the same old things on the common drive to and from home, we were floored at how something so beautiful could be randomly in the middle of Southcentral Oklahoma. It was like the first time driving through the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

There's more to see in Oklahoma than any other state in the nation.

I know that's bold, let me explain. If you didn't know, Oklahoma is the most ecologically diverse state in the USA. We almost have it all. From the low-lying swamplands of SEOK to the rolling hills, high plains and deserts to the mountains, even a massive sprawling area of unmolested tallgrass prairie that hasn't changed in millions of years.

If you find any of that hard to believe, here's a rundown on the absolute best scenic drives in Oklahoma.

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