We've seen just about everything from blow dryers to bags of white rice to help dry out a phone that has been dropped into water (toilets seem to attract phones like honey attracts Winnie the Pooh).

I think I have finally found a SENSIBLE and SCIENTIFIC way to keep your phone from frying if you accidentally drop it in water (unless you have that one phone on TV that you can put in water).  It all revolves around the hundred-year-old idea of water and electricity don't mix.

  1. Turn off the phone as soon as it comes out of the drink.  If it has a removable battery, take that out.
    1. The Science:  water and electricity don't like each other.  Even electricity that is provided by a battery.  By leaving the phone off, you increase the salvage chance since you won't fry the wet circuits by trying to turn the phone back on.
  2. Dry it off as much as possible.
  3. Put the phone (and the battery) in a dry, warm spot with good ventilation so the remaining water (especially the stuff you can't see) can evaporate.
  4. Let it dry for two full days -- and not a minute less.  If you get impatient, that small bit of water left inside the phone could carry current and fry the whole thing.
  5. After two days, re-attach the battery (if you have them separated) turn it on and make a test call.
    1. This is also the point where you pray and cross fingers and everything else.

By following something sensible, you might just save your phone . . .and your rice for a good night of stir-fry.

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