Another great prank from Tyler and YouTube's PrankRiot crew! This time around they visit Apple stores and pose as employee's, the results are hilarious. I have to admit a lot of the newer technology, phones, pads and tablets are over my head. Especially when it comes to everything the devices can do and all the technical specs. Tyler starts explaining these devices to customers who don't know any better and things get funny fast.

I bring that up to say if this guy would have been there I would have fallen for the prank myself. He tells a customer "This is great because it has 4,000 mega pixels of ram and 3,000 Skype units." Most of the people he's talking to don't know any different, and at times neither do I. The best is when Tyler starts rambling about whatever device a customer's looking at and responds "You can send emails, Skype, send dick pics, Facebook, G-Chat all of those things." Hit play and enjoy a perfectly executed prank!

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