Well, that didn't take too long. There's a new scam in Lawton, Fort Sill. It's seems like as soon as a scam is identified, another quickly takes it's place. This time around it's counterfeit money, so be on the look out for fake $100 bills. Several local and area businesses have reported receiving these counterfeit bills over the past week. LPD (Lawton Police Department) are warning business owners and people in general to be very careful when dealing with cash transactions. Make sure what you're holding is actual currency and not fake.

The bills that have been passed in Lawton appear to be real money and in a way it is. What con artists are doing is taking lower denominations like $1 and $5 bills, bleaching them, then reprinting a $100 bill on top of it. So basically it's real money, but not a real $100 bill. By doing this anyone who checks the cash with a money pen it will test as good, but it's really a $1 or $5 bill.

There have been several reports of these fake $100 bills in Lawton, Fort Sill. Local and areas businesses have been ripped off by these con artists or counterfeiters losing products, labor with services and of course time. Make sure you're double checking all cash to make sure you're not getting scammed.

The best way to ensure that you aren't being handed a fake $100 is to check it for the bar strip. The tiny line or strip that shows the amount that runs through the bill. Just checking it with a currency pen isn't enough. Look for all the usual watermarks and security indicators. Click here for more details and a listing of common ways to ensure you aren't getting counterfeit bills. Keep a close eye out and protect yourself. Hopefully these crooks will be caught soon, or give up and move along.

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