Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has a journey ahead of him, one that will include music but also taking viewers to different parts of America. The singer has announced plans for his #ThirtyDays journey, where he intends to use social media to allow fans to join him on his travels.

"I'm going to wander around America again for 30 days," says Corgan in the video introduction above. "No destination, just going to wander around and talk to a lot of people, but unlike last year where I planned to put the pieces together in a documentary, we're actually going to film and put up pieces as we go, including all music every day. So there will be musical pieces and interviews and stuff with people that we do and I'm trying to document this vision."

In addition to visiting different locales, Corgan teased that some of his other projects may become a topic of conversation. Among those projects is one he's tentatively titled "50 for 50," explaining that he's about to turn 50 and is considering doing something where he shares his 50 favorite songs from all his years of writing. He's seeking fan input on the idea as well.

Other things in the works for Corgan include a new Rick Rubin produced album that may arrive by April or May, a cover songs album he'd like to do and the start of another studio album, all of which may be part of the discussion along the way.

Corgan invites fans to check him out on Facebook Live daily via the Smashing Pumpkins Facebook page, where he hopes to share music along with speaking about his daily visits to different locations. "I'd like to be more active in this realm and the positive vibes help, because I want to make it more about the music and less about other stuff," says the singer.

At present, Corgan has yet to reveal his destinations, but did hint that he might visit the Carolinas or Louisiana instead of sticking just to Route 66 like he did in a similar journey last year.

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