It's been a while since we've heard from Biohazard, but guitarist Billy Graziadei reveals in a new interview that the band is still around despite not recording or playing shows since 2015.

In a new interview with Germany's Moshpit Passion, the band's longtime guitarist reveals, "I talk to Bobby [Hambel] and Danny [Schuler] all the time. I just played with Danny a couple of weeks ago with Sick of It All and Life of Agony. There's still a Biohazard."

In recent years, Graziadei has focused on the supergroup Powerflo as well as releasing his Billybio solo album last year, but he insists that he has not forgotten Biohazard. "It's a different kind of band. Powerflo and Billybio is a little bit more organized, but Biohazard is more like a vibe. Like the planets, when everything aligns, we do something. Until then, who knows? But we're not over. We talk all the time. We write music together. We share things. When it's right, it's right, and there'll be a new Biohazard record."

The group last performed with guitarist and vocalist Scott Roberts up front, but Roberts left the group in 2016. In a separate interview last fall, Graziadei revealed that the band had yet to find a replacement. See more of Graziadei's interview below.

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