Wanna be a rock star?

Biohazard has announced it’s holding open auditions to replace lead singer and founding member Evan Seinfeld, who departed in June.

A statement from the group reads: “ATTENTION SINGERS!!! You think you got what it takes to be one of the voices for Biohazard? Send us your music, videos, links, etc., to auditions@biohazard.com and we’ll check you out. Experience is a must, as is the ability to commit 100% to the life of a full-time touring musician, as the band is booked solid for 2012 and 2013.”

The last album Biohazard did with Seinfeld as its frontman, ‘Reborn In Defiance,’ was recorded earlier this year and and is slated for a European release in September. No word yet on when it will make its way to US listeners.

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