I don't buy into the whole aliens-making-visits-to-Earth nonsense.  After all, these 'alien craft' always seem to land in the middle of nowhere, not downtown Dallas or L.A., if at all.  Don't you think if they were going to travel from God knows where to visit our little rock on the corner they'd at least drop in and pick up snacks or Dr. Pepper or kidnap the entire Kardashian family.  We can dream, right?
I personally believe most of these UFO sightings are probably some kind of experimental military craft.  It's all very explainable.  Or is it?  What this video appears to show seems to defy logic: a meteor or perhaps an old satellite burning up as it re-enters the Earth's atmosphere, ejects a piece of itself.  It's what happens next that just doesn't make sense.  Watch and share!

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