If you weren't watching the Super Bowl, or rather, if you weren't paying attention to the entertainment-lacking commercials, you missed the official trailer for the Oklahoma-original "sequel" to the 1996 epic "Twister".

While originally billed as a sequel, it's now officially described on IMDB as "an update to the 1996 film." So it's not a sequel. It's retelling the "Twister" story with modern technology and the characters we only heard about in the original.

It's a reboot.

Take a look at the trailer.

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Let me wildly speculate probable details for you.

The two main characters parallel Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton from the original.

She's the petite and pretty blond meteorologist obsessed with tornadoes and she has an idea to fly probes into a tornado to better understand them.

He is the red-Dodge truck driving guy who will apparently go through hell to make it happen... but they're not married/divorced in this updated adaptation.

It really seems like the story of how these two characters came to meet. She's the dewy-eyed tornado chasing newbie, and he's the dangerous character they talked about in the original movie.

The Extreme.

Of the few plot details released to the public so far, it's going to be similar to the original. They two will work together to test a whole new experimental advanced warning system.

Since the production and filming of this movie made quite the buzz across the Sooner State last year, I'm sure every Oklahoman will end up seeing this one either in the theater or at home.

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